Details, Fiction and Spiritual awakening

Do you deep down know that you have a bigger calling that you have a bigger purpose in this lifetime that your soul has come here to make an impact in the world to do something big. You see, each and every soul comes into each lifetime with a purpose with a plan with a mission. And it's up to each one of us to grow ready to then embrace our inner calling to step into our power to step into living our life on purpose that our soul desires to live. And this video want to share with you how you can step into your purpose, live your life on purpose, and also light could activate to really help you embrace your soul's inner calling. And you may want to Why is it so important that now you really embrace your inner calling because I was guided to do this video right at this time because the world simply needs more people that spread the light and spread the love more Way-showers more leaders that can lead others that can assist others that can really make an impact. And if you feel somewhat that you have that bigger calling and even though you may not know what that is yet, but you deep down know that there's more to who you are that you're meant to do more than you're truly meant to see this video right now because you have heard the calling to be the next way sure to be someone that makes an impact in the world because it's also your birthright, your soul's birthright and your destiny to do your soul's calling to really step into your soul's mission and do what your soul has come here to do. And my intention with this video is going to give you some insights into how you can do that. And of course, use the light language to help you activate that within you and release any doubts and fears that you might have to really embracing your soul's mission of embracing your soul's inner calling. And when you do so when you really embrace your soul's inner calling, your life will change in ways that you would have never thought possible, you will feel that deep inner fulfillment that you may have never felt that you've been craving for. But nothing ever really fit. You want an artist have somewhat of a sense of coming home. Because it's like the shoe finally fits. You finally stepped into what your soul has come here to do. You may even feel that somewhat of a clicking noise like yep, that's it. That is exactly what I meant to do. And it feels just right, you will experience that inner happiness, the joy, the excitement or force, often you will attract even more abundance, more success, more growth, all the good things that are really available to you. Once you start embracing your soul's in our calling, and like said right now is the perfect time to do so. Right now you have grown ready enough. If you're seeing this video, if you really felt called to click on this video and watch this video, then you are at a time you are at a point where you are ready enough to start embracing that to start uncovering what that is that your soul has come here to do and embrace that. And if you maybe want some guidance and some insights into what is it that you're really here to do, then I want to invite you to consider my life purpose activator Akashic Record reading. It's a combination of a reading and an activation session like a healing session where you can get insights into what exactly is your soul here to do, what is holding you back from it, and how to really step into what your soul has come to do. If that is of interest to you. If that feels an alignment, there's a link in description below that will take you to my website to get more this website information about the life purpose, activator reading and also of course, all the other readings that are offered. But without further ado, let's move into the light language because I really want to help you step into your inner power and embrace what your soul has come here to do. So if you can please put both feet on the ground and get centered. Really open yourself up to receiving this activation, this inner activation to embrace your inner calling yourselves in your calling. You might take a deep breath in and breathe and light and love. And when you breathe out, just drop into your heart release anything that doesn't need to be here and then close your eyes. And I want to invite you to just set intention to be open to this activation because it is truly to your highest and greatest good and it will assist you in uncovering what you're now ready to uncover in aligning to that higher template of yours to really step into your soul's calling to embrace it fully and confidently. Now I'm going to call up on the highest and best most loving guides Archangels Ascended Masters and being beings of the life that can best support us now to please step forward and connect with us and open us up to receiving this activation to ready us for this embodiment that we are now ready to embrace. We ask for divine assistance to please remove any barriers internally, energetically, externally and emotionally that is keeping us from embracing our soul's calling, and activate within us our deepest desire to finally listen and embrace what our soul is asking us to do and step into. Please show us what we're now ready to see what we're now ready to uncover what we're now ready to acknowledge. And please infuse us with courage with strength and conviction to step into an embrace our soul's calling, and please help us release any fears, any doubts and blocks or interferences that are getting in our way and replace them with love, trust in the inner knowing and in the self worth. So we may feel empowered to move ahead and step into and step onto the more elevated path that our soul has come here to walk upon. And please clear cleanse and cut the cords to any past lives, ancestral ties, karmic lessons, karmic chords, soul contracts, that are also interfering with us truly embracing our inner calling our soul's calling, so we may feel empowered to be that all that we are meant to be and then some more and so it is

Now you may take a deep breath in and let it all settle anchored in. When you're ready, you might open up your eyes again and come back into here and now. Now I hope you were able to receive the insights, the guidance and maybe even seen a glimpse of what your soul has come to do of what your soul's inner calling it truly is. I want to invite you leave a comment below let me know what was your experience? What did you see? Did you get the insights of what your soul's inner calling truly is? Do you feel more empowered now? To really go for it? I would love to know. And while you're at it, maybe even hit the like button I would greatly appreciate it. But how can you how can you make the most out of this activation now for one I want to invite really connect deeply connect deeply with your soul, right from that journal about your soul's deepest desires. And if you want some help with that, check out my free mini programs called unlock your soul's blueprint. And you can go to unlock your soul's Or there's a link in description below. Where over the course of five days I will teach you how to really connect with your soul, how to uncover what your soul truly desires and how to best go about the most soul aligned way to really help you create the life that your soul has come here to do so Link is in description below or Alexa go to unlock your soul blueprint comm and join and you can get started right away. But and also if you want to get more insights if you're not quite sure and you really want that insights. Then consider my Akashic Record readings, my life purpose, activator reading, or any of my other readings to really get that clear insights from your own soul's blueprint your own Akashic records, so you can be an absolute alignment with what you're here to do. But thank you so much for being here. I'm so grateful that you're here and be sure to check out this next video here about aligning yourself to your highest soul's template, your highest timeline and how to live a more heart centered life. I think you're going to like it and I look forward to seeing you again in the next video. Until then make it an amazingly abundant and successful day. Namaste.

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